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Sue Sullivan

work phone 318-427-4433

cell phone 318-794-3113 for during the summer institute


  I teach at Louisiana State University at Alexandria which is a small public baccalaureate institution located in the center of the state. We have about 2500 students who are mostly local. Many of our students are non-traditional with full time jobs and families and thus represent a population with a different set of challenges.  Almost all of our students are first generation college attendees.

 I teach a wide variety of classes, most of them dealing with microorganisms or cellular/molecular biology.  We are primarily a teaching university with a teaching load of 4-5 classes per semester. Thus, our scholarship and research requirements revolve around training students to become scholars within their field. I am wanting to expand the definition for our university to include the scholarship of teaching and learning.  I feel well supported in this endeavor and was awared an endowed professorship for the next two years to assist me in this endeavor. Unlike other schools I will not have a course load reduction for this work so I expect it to be a challenge.