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ASM Education Department Director - Amy Chang (


ASM Faculty Programs: 

Managed by Kelly Gull (


-   ASM Conference for Undergratuate Educators ( Annual four-day conference providing access to the leaders at the forefront of biology.

-   Biology Scholars Program ( A continuum of learning and practice through three, yearlong, professional development residencies. The residencies are in classroom assessment, science education research, and scholarly publishing, and their overarching goal is to develop biologists’ knowledge and skills in addressing unique teaching and/or classroom challenges.

BSP Assessment Residency - June - Measuring Student Learning

BSP Transitions Residency - July - From Science Education Research to Publication

BSP Research Residency - July - The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

-   Faculty Programs Institutes ( Faculty Programs are in-depth, interactive professional development trainings carefully designed to give undergraduate STEM faculty the tools and knowledge to ask questions and creatively address unique classroom challenges. 

ASM M(icro)OOCs - Summer - Series of professional development webinars

ASM Science Teaching Fellowship Program - 5-month training experience that combines in-depth webinars, pre- and post-webinar assignments, structured mentoring, and a community of practice.

Retired Programs:

ASM/JGI Bioinformatics Institute - March - Incorporating Bioinformatics Research in Undergraduate Education

ASM/JGI Functional Genomics Institute - June - Connecting Bioinformatics-Driven Hypotheses to Wet-Lab Projects

-   MicrobeLibrary ( Visual and Atlas-Protocol Collections

-   Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education ( Education research, perspectives articles, laboratory and classroom exercises, tips and tools, and reviews.


ASM Student Programs: 

Managed by Irene Hulede, ASM (


-   Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (  

-   Fellowships

ASM/CDC Program in Infectious Disease and Public Health Microbiology Application Deadline: Jan 15

ASM Undergraduate Research Fellowship (URF)Application Deadline: Feb 1

ASM Robert D. Watkins Graduate Research FellowshipApplication Deadline: May 1

-   Institutes

ASM Kadner Institute in Peparation for Careers in MicrobiologyApplication Deadline: May 15

ASM Scientific Writing and Publishing Institute Application Deadline: Nov 15

-   Workshops

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