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There are 36 Biology Scholar Alumni attending the ASMCUE 2012 meeting in San Mateo, CA. To see a list of attending Scholars and their cohort year, visit: 2012 ASMCUE Scholar Attendees

There are also at least 7 incoming Biology Scholars attending the 2012 programs, who are attending ASMCUE.  They are:

Research: Amy Briggs, Madhusudan Choudhary, Todd Primm
Assessment: Diane Hartman, Mark Martin, Ann Smith, Cuc Vu

Several of  Scholars will be sharing their Scholarship during the 2012 ASMCUE Poster Session. Visit the 2012 ASMCUE Abstracts for a peek at their work. 



Please consider attending two sessions planned during the 2012 Capstone on Thursday, June 14.  The sessions will be held in Room Connect 6, San Mateo Marriott.   

2:00 pm

Communicating Value and Convincing Colleagues About SoTL – Loretta Taras

In this session Scholars will prepare an “elevator” talk about communicating value in SOTL; Scholars will align responses to their institutional goals.

3:00 pm

Introduction of Scholar Alumni

3:15 pm

Leadership and Closure – Amy Chang

Learning Goal: in this session Scholars will learn about their new role as BSP ambassador working with colleagues, department chairs, institutional leaders and professional societies.  Scholars will work with others from BSP partnering societies to plan future societal activities. 

You may want to consider reading one pre-Capstone assignment Juniata College: Faculty Led Assessment  by Natasha Jankowski, National Institute for Learning Outcomes and Assessment, University of Illinois.  This case study is the result of two Scholars’ work – Mike Boyle (2005 and 2009) and Jay Hosler (2011) at Juniata College.  The college was identified as a case study in the development of a faculty-led Center for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning that championed and supported evidence-based teaching.



Please review the following two resources, which were referenced during the 2012 capstone event.

1- ASMCUE 2011 Rubric Handout

2- Connections between NSF grant, BSP, and other activities


Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions:

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