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BSP ambassadors, all of whom are Scholar alumni, bring visibility to the scholarship of teaching and learning in biology and serve as communicators, role models, and mentors for members of the life science disciplinary societies. As ambassadors, they are committed to presenting their scholarship or their journey into scholarship; leading professional development programs; hosting discussions, conversations, and forums at societal meetings; disseminating information; recruiting prospective scholars; and directing societal plans in education. For a list of recent Scholar Ambassadors, please visit the Biology Scholars website at:


Below is a list of professional development activities (listed below) planned by other life sciences professional societies – not ASM – which will be updated over the course of the year. If anyone is planning to participate in these events, or others, and is able to share materials about the Biology Scholars Program (BSP), please contact us at We will be happy to send you pertinent BSP information for distribution.  


Additionally, if you are attending a meeting below, please feel free to add your name under the meeting. If you are attending a meeting that is not listed below, please feel free to add it to the list or email us with the details:

2014 Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities


Mouse Molecular Genetics, Genetics Society of America
Sept 29 – Oct 3, Pacific Grove, CA

2nd Life Discovery , Doing Science Education Conference
Oct 3 – Oct 4, San Jose, CA

Intersociety Meeting: Integrative Biology of Exercise, American Physiological Society
Oct 5 – Oct 8, San Diego, CA

14th Annual Conference STEM Education Conference: Sustaining STEM: Maintaining the Movement, Widening the Circle, The Triangle Coalition for STEM Education

Oct 8 – Oct 10, Washington, DC

Oct 14 – Oct 19, Los Angeles, CA

Association of College & University Biology Educators
Oct 16 – Oct 17, Portland, OR

American Society of Human Genetics
Oct 18 – Oct 22, Boston, MA

Biomedical Engineering Society
Oct 22 – Oct 25, San Antonio, TX

ISSOTL14 – International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Annual Conference
Oct 22 – Oct 25, Quebec City, QC, Canada

Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education
Nov 5 – Nov 9, Dallas TX

Association of American Colleges and Universities, Transforming STEM Higher Education
Nov 6 – Nov 8, Atlanta, GA

Nov 9 – Nov 12, Denver, CO

Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students
Nov 12 – Nov 15, San Antonio, TX

Nov 12 – Nov 14, Cleveland, OH
Bethany Stone

Rocky Mountain Bioinformatics Conference, International Society for Computational Biology
Dec 11 – Dec 13, Snowmass, CO


Dec 6 – Dec 10, Philadelphia, PA

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