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NSF Vision & Change Conference

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NSF-supported Transforming Undergraduate Education in Biology: Mobilizing the Community for Change

July 15-17, 2009 in Washington DC


Many of you will be participating in the NSF-supported Transforming Undergraduate Education in Biology: Mobilizing the Community for Change conference, July 15-17, 2009 in Washington DC.  I have two potential opportunities for showcasing the Biology Scholars Program and for extending the community.
First, is anyone available to submit a poster about the ASM/Biology Scholars Program?  Kelly and I will not be able to attend so we’re leaning on the community to showcase the program. We’re hoping that someone will participate.  Pertinent information from a recent NSF announcement gave these instructions for poster presentations,  
“The goal of this conference is to mobilize people to focus on undergraduate biology education by engaging them in shared, directed, provocative, and ongoing discussions that lead to action in the immediate future.  Towards this end, we are seeking posters that highlight new and existing approaches, projects, and resources for effecting change in undergraduate education in biology, including departmental and institutional change efforts.
The poster session is viewed as a way to network and find out what others are doing and to make connections with others based on disciplinary and cross-disciplinary interests and on their approaches to changing undergraduate biology education.

The information requested in the abstract submission tool is needed to be sure that there will be some common and unifying format for anything we might publish later.  Poster size must be no more than 4 feet by 4 feet.

The poster abstract submission deadline is July 7, 2009.”

If you are interested and able to prepare an abstract/poster, please do so, let everyone know via the listserve and if appropriate, solicit collaboration.  Kelly or Michelle can provide data about the ASM/BSP program, but we cannot prepare or present the poster. Please make sure to coordinate with others! 
Second, the 2009 cohort of biology scholars will be participating in the SoTL Institute during the same time as the NSF conference in Washington, DC. If you are planning a late afternoon or evening departure after the Conference on Friday, please consider spending the afternoon with us.  I invite you to join the 2009 cohort for lunch at 12:30 pm Friday at ASM.  After lunch the 2009 scholars will be giving presentations in smaller groups and we welcome your participation.  Alternatively, if you would like a room for sharing your own projects, we can arrange that, too.  The ASM is 8-10 blocks (10-20 minute walk) from AAAS (check online maps for directions).  To help with planning, please send an email to Michelle at on/before Monday, July 13 to confirm your participation. 
Check out the 2009 cohort and see if you know anyone or anyone is near you   Check the SoTL agenda for Friday, July 17  
I look forward to hearing from you.  Good luck at the Conference and if I don’t see you, be sure to spread the word about the Biology Scholars Program!  Thank you. 
Amy Chang
Education Director
American Society for Microbiology
Washington, DC


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I will be at the Vision and Change meeting, Are we allowed to bring more than one poster, does anyone know?
Also, I would love to have lunch with the 2009 cohort - Michelle please count me in!
Teri (08)

Teri C. Balser
Director, Institute for Cross-College Biology Education (Office, 109 Old Genetics)
Associate Professor, Dept of Soil Science (Office, 354 Soil Science)
University of Wisconsin, Madison
(608) 262-0132 edited 14:51, 25 Jun 2009
Posted 14:49, 25 Jun 2009
Hi all, I am attending this conference. I am very frustrated that the poster guidelines came out about one month before the conference. This timeline is really much too short for preparing poster content, design, and printing at my campus. I would love to redesign my own poster from 2006 but again, the timeline is just too short. I am fully involved in summer research with students and am not really able to divert my attention from that activity to focus on this poster.
However, I agree the ASM SOTL program must be presented at this venue. If anyone is able to help me throw a poster together, I will try to get our poster layout people and printers on board here at Truman. What I need is a complete layout with content by early July. I can be reached by mobile phone at 660-349-9554 or email. With some encouragement and help from this group, I would love to see at least one poster on the ASM scholar's program, and several on the individual projects. Anyone on board with this? I will find out what poster application is used here, I normally enlist the help of a professional poster layout person (Barb) and I'm not sure what she uses. Adobe Illustrator is probably acceptable but I think she uses something else. PPT is definitely not acceptable, however, with lead time, Barb can use a PPT layout and re-create the poster into a print ready format (this is what takes time).

Cynthia Cooper, PhD (05)
Department of Biology

Truman State University
100 E. Normal St.
Kirksville MO 63501

Phone 660-785-4082
FAX 660-785-4045 edited 14:52, 25 Jun 2009
Posted 14:50, 25 Jun 2009
I would like to see a new poster for the Transforming UG Biology with title something like "The Power of Assessing How We Teach and Learn". A few examples that showcase assessment of how you teach or how students learn would be most appropriate, especially if the teaching/learning/or assessment is novel. This idea of assessing what we do is what would transform UG Biol Ed, in my opinion.

Cynthia Cooper (05) edited 14:52, 25 Jun 2009
Posted 14:50, 25 Jun 2009
I will be attending as well and would be happy to help out. I have some slides regarding the Scholars program which Kelly sent when we gave a presentation to the Missouri Branch meeting. I do all my own poster work using PowerPoint and don't have any problems with our printer services - our turnaround time is quite short. The only limit we have is that poster size is limited to 3 feet in one dimension.

Dave Westenberg (07) edited 14:53, 25 Jun 2009
Posted 14:51, 25 Jun 2009
I will be attending also. Our print shop can generated a poster from a PowerPoint format so if there is something already available I can get it printed here and bring it with me if that would help.

Glad to see the Bioscholars group will be well represented at this meeting.

Michael D Boyle, Ph.D. (05 and 09 Transitions (formerly Writing) Residency)

William J von Liebig Professor of Biomedical Sciences,

Department of Biology, Juniata College,

1700 Moore Street, Huntingdon,

Pennsylvania 16652.

Office 814 641 3553

Fax 814 641 3685
Posted 14:54, 25 Jun 2009
Hello all,

I have also been invited to attend the AAAS conference as well..perhaps we could collaborate on this poster and present it together at the conference...please let me know how we could work on this.
Teresa Brandon (05)
Posted 14:54, 25 Jun 2009
Hi all,

Wow - it sounds like the scholars program will be well-represented at the meeting!

Perhaps if one of the interested parties is willing to coordinate and present this, we could put together a poster with the program data from ASM and a few examples of the evidence-based learning projects that have emerged from the program. I would be happy to supply a panel/segment describing one of the projects that resulted from the scholars program, but I will be presenting a poster on another topic at the meeting.

Laura Regassa (05)
Posted 14:55, 25 Jun 2009
Hi, If I can get an intro 'panel' from ASM and two or three examples from scholars, I will contact my poster lady and try to get a new summary poster laid out by July 7. Send any documents to me at

Cynthia Cooper, PhD (05)
Posted 14:55, 25 Jun 2009
Hello everyone, I will not be attending the AAAS conference because I'll be facilitating at the BSP, but I have several examples of assessment of student learning using the Genetics Concept Assessment, as well as assessment of student attitudes using the Bio CLASS (an attitude survey developed at U. Colorado). I am happy to contribute these as part of the poster--i can take them off my poster from ASMCUE and send them along in ppt if that's what's needed. Please let me know if you'd like any of this.
Jenny Knight (BSP 08)
Posted 16:05, 25 Jun 2009
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