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Miriam's Team:  Benjamin Clegg, Samantha Parks, Jessica Santangelo, Tatiana Tatum Parker


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Hi guys! Sam - It sounds like you are moving right along which is great! I love that you are finding like-minded people locally.

Tatiana - Holy smokes. I don't know where to start... It's a bummer that the IRB doesn't see the value in gathering good data about this all in the same semester. A couple suggestions: 1. can you find published work that used a similar design? That might help sway them that this is okay. 2. could you do this over 2 semesters? have one group in the fall and another group in the spring? that way they aren't two groups in the exact same class in the same semester? Not ideal, but you could pre/post it both times to see changes in each set of students...
Posted 10:46, 8 Sep 2015
Hi all - finally catching up on reading.

Tatiana - I am so sorry for your loss! I hope that your campus is honoring him and moving toward a smoother fall!

Jess - I am so excited for you that you have so much done already! IRB and DATA!!! That is awesome. I too am running into a wall with some faculty. I have offered to giver a talk at a meeting to try and drum up support, but given my experiences with IRB, I do not think the admin is supportive enough to aid others...
Posted 11:30, 1 Oct 2015
Sorry about my delayed reply--I've been crazy like the rest of you! Tatiana, I'm sorry to hear about your Provost and also about the resistance from the IRB. Did they say why they don't want you to have two groups within the same class (in terms of protection of the participants)? They should only comment on your application from a human subjects point of view, not from an experimental setup standpoint. Worse come to worse, you can teach the class one way one semester and another the next semester (instead of having both groups in one class). It'll take longer, but it should work.

...and I just read your most recent assignment. How did you resolve the "two groups" issue? I hope they allowed you to do it! edited 10:57, 6 Oct 2015
Posted 10:56, 6 Oct 2015
Sam, my suggestion is to power through CITI training and get it done ASAP so you can get started with your study. It sucks, I know, and it's the same in all USG institutions who have their stuff together enough to follow USG policy. Remember that you need a score of 80% to pass, so you don't have to do a stellar job to git 'er done. Good luck!
Posted 11:00, 6 Oct 2015
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