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Cyndi's Team: Kimberly Bjorgo-Thorne, Ilse Silva-Krott, Amanda Simons


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I have talked to a number of my colleagues about the program. A few of my biology, chem, and environmental science colleagues attended a PKAL workshop this summer. We compared notes about the programs, and I shared some of what I learned at the Biology Scholars program. I also discussed my experiences with my Dean.

I've also discussed my project with the director of our Center for Academic Success and Advising (CASA), who gave me some pointers. Out of that discussion also arose some suggestions for an additional project based on some changes I've made in my fall semester Genetics course (yes, I know, I lack focus...). She suggested speaking with our director of assessment, who offered additional support. With support from CASA, I've hired peer discussion leaders for my fall flipped Genetics class, and with support from the assessment office, I've put together a "what is" project to explore how student behavior changes with the peer discussion leaders. I'm not sure if the data collected will be publishable, since we were delayed in submitting the IRB, but I've used the skills I learned through the BSP to put together a solid assessment plan for the project and the data will be useful within the institution.

I've spent some time putting together my IRB proposal for my repeat quiz project, although I have not yet submitted it. My project will be implemented in my spring semester.

I look forward to hearing about what everyone else has been up to!

Posted 22:31, 4 Sep 2015
Hi Mandy,

It sounds like you've been very busy. I've often been accused of lacking focus myself, but I find it beneficial to have multiple projects in different stages of development, as long as you're able to make solid progress on all of them!

If your institution is anything like mine, I would definitely suggest getting the IRB submitted as soon as possible so you have time to make revisions if necessary.

It was great to hear from you, and please feel free to contact me if you need additional assistance.
Posted 12:56, 15 Sep 2015
I'm obviously terrible at time management, but here's my update on my IRB progress: I have not yet submitted the proposal, but I have a draft of both the letter of consent and the proposal documents themselves. Cyndi, the documents you and Loretta sent during the institute were really helpful. I've been in touch with our IRB representative with lots of questions, and I've run the study design past our assessment office as well. I really need to set myself a deadline to submit to the IRB! We don't have afternoon labs next week, because of the Columbus Day holiday on Monday, so I'm hoping to use the extra time to get this done!
Posted 09:38, 6 Oct 2015
I join everybody late - it has been a very busy summer and fall. But my proposal is proceeding, and I am getting ready for review boards, the decision if IRB is needed or not is still pending, but I should know more within the month, I think.
Posted 20:36, 12 Oct 2015
Hi Mandy,
It's a great idea to get input from the IRB office before submission, as their answers can make the process much simpler (I learned this lesson the hard way!) If you already have the study design and forms done I'm sure you are very close to finishing. Post that deadline in your calendar! :)

Hi Ilse,
Hopefully you will get an answer about your IRB soon. Have you worked out your research design fully now? If I can be of any assistance please let me know.
Posted 15:29, 26 Oct 2015
Here is another update: The required literature review was a huge hurdle, and took me forever, but I do feel I understand the research question much better now. I do not have an annotated literature review but it is a narrative.
Posted 16:38, 22 Dec 2015
Hi Ilse,
Wow---a 12 page research proposal! I wasn't quite clear who you submitted the research proposal to, since your IRB will be submitted in two weeks? Do you have to receive some type of additional approval at your institution(s) to access the archives?

One of my first thoughts when re-reading through your research questions, is that the three questions, while related, are also very broad. While I think it's a good idea to collect all the data at the same time, for publication purposes it might be useful for you to split up the three questions into three separate manuscripts. You mentioned that time constraints have been an issue for you, so I would strongly suggest developing a laser focus on the question and data that are most important to you at this time. Once you have that under your belt, it will be much easier to develop the future projects. Glad to see that you're making progress!
Posted 13:46, 19 Jan 2016
Hi Mandy,
I have to admit that I'm still rather enamored with your research project! I think the study design is exceptionally strong, and will lead to very useful information. I know from our emails that you were concerned with your abstract not having actual data, but I've reviewed a lot of "works in progress" in the past for conferences. I would suggest including in the abstract that the study is currently underway, clearly stating your hypothesis, and indicating that the initial results will be presented at the conference. Or, if you feel more comfortable with it, I know you had mentioned that you did have data from another concurrent project.

Do you have an IT specialist at your institution that specializes in Blackboard? I'm always very concerned when technical issues could interrupt a study, so I would definitely consult a tech person for assistance before releasing the quizzes.

I hope the study goes very well for you, and I'm excited to see the results!
Posted 13:56, 19 Jan 2016
Hi Cyndi -- Thanks so much for your comments, which I have belatedly seen. I'm feeling more excited -- and worried -- about the project as I go through! I'm happy with the design of the project, but I'm worried that the learning objectives that I've tied to the quizzes are too broad (sometimes), too focused (sometimes), and/or just not accurate representations of what I wanted the students to know. I'm still working on writing good learning objectives. So far the students *seem* to appreciate having extra quiz attempts, though. The IRB process was educational but went relatively smoothly.

Surprisingly, Blackboard has been ok. I've always found the quiz platform within Blackboard cumbersome -- especially if i have a typo to fix after the quiz has launched -- but so far it has gone ok. Unfortunately for the students, I have not yet set up Blackboard to automatically add their quiz grades to their grade total, but I think I've figured out how to do that as well and it hasn't impacted the actual administration of the quizzes. It has been a challenge to keep up with quiz launches, though -- although it works, creating pools of questions takes a long time.

I did not submit an abstract for the poster session, but I might have if I'd logged into the Wiki earlier! Instead I submitted a microbrew abstract, since I thought I needed actual data to report in the abstract. edited 23:19, 31 Mar 2016
Posted 23:16, 31 Mar 2016
Also, yippee! I've managed to do an assignment on time. Yes, I was "that student" in school, too.
Posted 23:23, 31 Mar 2016
Way to go, Mandy!!! I was at a local conference last week and the presenter was discussing how to incorporate more authentic research experiences into an already busy curriculum. It sounds like you have the beginnings of yet another research idea! I think that's one of my favorite aspects of SoTL, that you can really dive into many different areas that interest you.

Have you created a timeline for finishing your data collection and writing the manuscript? Perhaps you could consider the transitions residency as well. It definitely helped to drive my writing and keep me on task.

I won't be at the AMSCUE meeting, as I'm due with our first baby that week, but I wish you all the best of luck!
Posted 14:06, 6 Apr 2016
congratulations, Cyndi!
Posted 06:43, 7 May 2016
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