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 Biology Scholars Assignment 2.docx
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 05_2015_PDarr Reading Reflections.docx
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 PDarr_GGC_Institutional Review Board.docx
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 irb checklist 2014_0.doc
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 BSP Pre-institute Assignment 4.docx
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 Isaacson Annotated Bibliography.docx
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 PDarr_Annotated Bibliography.docx
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Brigati Powepoint for institute
477.23 kB09:26, 24 Jul 2015jbrigatiActions
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 PDarr_Friday 2015 BSP-RR Presentation.pptx
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 Isaacson BSP Presentation.pptx
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155.46 kB07:56, 25 Jul 2015misaacsonActions
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Dear Tracy,
I completely relate to your concern for SOTL vocabulary and primary literature. There is so much out there that I also worry about re-inventing the wheel. Also, the nuances of the literature are still challenges to my biological mind. I find it takes me a lot longer to read a SOTL paper than anything else in biology right now, just because of how unfamiliar I am with the way things are done in the field. In some ways, it is probably how my students feel when I first give them what I have considered an "easy and straight-forward" biology paper. Looking forward to more discussions! Natalia
Posted 13:25, 12 Jun 2015
My institutions IRB documents were all set to allow only limited editing, so I just put some additional information in the "comments" box.
On an unrelated note, I don't know when additional assignments will be given, but I will not have internet access June 20-28 or July 3-18, so my apologies if I miss any assignments. I will complete them when I return from vacation.
Posted 18:16, 15 Jun 2015
My IRB application is fully electronic and I don't get to see it until I have completed all the training. On a more positive note, they did provide a super handy flowchart to help me decide how I would need to apply. Looks like I'm EXEMPT! woot!
Posted 10:57, 16 Jun 2015
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