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Gail E.Rowe, Ph.D., Professor of Biology

La Roche College

9000 Babcock Blvd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15237

(412) 536-1154

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31.5 kB10:00, 25 Jul 2014groweActions
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I hope this worked. I put my contact information in the "Title" box, not the Edit summary box.

Gail Rowe
Posted 18:09, 8 Jun 2014
There is no "Add Page" in my orange header to add my Readings Reflections assignment. There is a button for "New Page", but when I click on that, it won't let me edit. There is no apparent way to add an attachment from the New Page, either. I tried to attach my word file to this first page, but gave up after 12 minutes of waiting while the file claimed to be uploading.
Posted 22:26, 8 Jun 2014
I tried once more to add my Readings Reflections. I clicked on the New Page and then did a copy and paste from my word document. Then I tried to Save the page and, after 5 minutes of waiting while the program claimed to be saving, I went back to this page.

I give up.
Posted 22:49, 8 Jun 2014
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