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Application Forms and Requirements:
Human Ethics - Low Risk Research

Form LR (doc 771 kb) - Download Guidelines (doc 128kb)

Form LRis intended to be used for all research where the foreseeable risk to participants is no more than one of discomfort. For example:
- Questionnaires and/or surveys, anonymous or otherwise, online etc. involving non-sensitive topics
Observations, with or without consent

For  more information, refer to the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research 2007 Chapter 2.1: Risk and Benefit.

Submission requirements

  • An original, completed, signed, hard copy of the application form and all other documents, e.g. explanatory statement, consent form, survey instrument, permission letter, advertisement for project etc to MUHREC, Room 111, Building 3e, Monash Clayton Campus.
  • An electronic version of all of the above to

The e-copy (.doc or .pdf) of the full application should be submitted via the Chief Investigator's Monash email account and does not require signatures.

Please note that, as Low Risk applications are determined by way of an expedited process and are not discussed at a Committee meeting, you may submit Form LR at any time. There are no closing date requirements. We endeavour to provide a response within two weeks of receipt of your electronic submission.