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1. How would you describe your “research problem(s)” to the Research Scholars group?

A major goal of my college is to help students develop critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.  As part of that and especially because of the students I teach, I want to examine the best methods to enable students to develop those skills.

Research question: How can we teach and assess creative problem solving most effectively and efficiently in a diverse student body?

My students are very literal thinkers and have a lot of difficulty seeing that open ended problems can have more than one answer, and often early on in a course cannot even address an open ended problem, frequently saying “I don’t know where to start!” They want the one “right” answer to all problems and if the problem presents a novel situation but is about material covered in class, they have trouble seeing the connections. They are also very diverse along any number of axes, so there likely isn't one right answer to MY question either.

2. What theme(s) based on your readings, resonate with your “problem” and/or your proposed approach to address your problem?

3. Based on Pat Hutchings article, what taxonomy would you use to describe your research question and why?

4. Do you have any questions/concerns/comments that have evolved from your reading?