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1) Describe your teaching responsibilities and the type of student you teach.

I teach Anatomy and Physiology I  ( lectures and labs), a first semester course for allied health preprofessionals and occasional biology majors/biology majors with teacher licensure.  I also teach General Physiology, a capstone course for biology majors with a focus on scientific writing melded with content in the discipline.  Every other year, I teach an elective, usually histology for pre-meds and pre-dental students.

2) Describe what you would like to take home as a result of attending the SoTL Institute.

I want to learn to design research project and analyze data around non-traditionally taught courses.  (For example, using case studies as a method of organizing content and evaluating learning outcomes.  I want to be able to publish generalizations around the data.  It is difficult to answer the question, "But, did they learn anything?"   Meaning is the content knowledge comparable to traditionally-taught courses.  I tried to publish a manuscript on the use of case studies in introductory biology courses in the Journal of College Science Teaching but was rejected on the basis that the data was not sound enough.   I had attempted to do qualitative analysis but realized that I really didn't know anything about that type of research.  I have so many questions about research design in the field of education.  I have never published a research paper in education and I want to very much learn how to do this.  I would also like to disseminate my understandings as a result of this institute to my colleagues who also wish to do research in their classroom.