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The title of my research project is “Design and Implementation of a Study to Determine if a Cell Model Project Attains Desired Learning Outcomes.”  I am researching the effectiveness of a cell model assignment in my Cell Biology course.  It will take me two semesters to collect data for comparison between one class that made the models and one class that did not.  Since I teach this course in the spring, I have only just begun this project.  Right now my office is full of 55 models of differentiated cells to grade. 


What I have accomplished on the project so far:

Rewrote assignment to align more closely with learning objectives

Wrote pre/post test questions

Prepared survey questions

Obtained IRB approval

Conducted a pretest

Presented this research project at my campus Teaching with Technology conference


Still to accomplish:

Conduct student attitude survey

Give posttest

Analyze written assignment

Compare pre and post test scores

Compile survey results

Repeat in the fall semester with control group doing written assignment but not model