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Reading & Reflections

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PRE-INSTITUTE ASSIGNMENT #2 - Due Monday, June 6, 2011 

Please read the following articles in preparation for the institute and use the questions at the end of this email to draft a 1 page reflective essay.  This assignment must be completed and posted to the listserv ( with the subject line “name – reflections” no later than Monday, June 6.

Download the readings which are also attached as a file to this wiki page.

Table of Contents 


1.      Bass, Randy. The Scholarship of Teaching: What’s the Problem? 1999. 

Inventio: Creating Thinking about Learning and Teaching. vol 1, no 1.  


2.      Hutchings, Pat. Approaching the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. 

Opening Lines:  Approaches to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 


3.      Mettetal, Gwynn. The What, Why, and How of Classroom Action Research. 2001. Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. vol 2, no 1. 


Reflection Questions 


Based on your readings, prepare a brief (~ 1 page) reflective piece in which you address the following in relation to your proposal: 


·        How would you describe your “research problem(s)” to the Research Scholars group? 


·        What theme(s) based on your readings, resonate with your “problem” and/or your proposed approach to address your problem. 


·        Based on Pat Hutchings article, what taxonomy would you use to describe your research question and why? 


·        Do you have any questions/concerns/comments that have evolved from your reading? 

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