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SoTL Project Plan

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- Environmental awareness/literacy is missing from a curriculum infused with leadership and service development.
- Like leadership, environmental literacy is a complex and context-sensitive outcome; and it is unclear how it can be promoted through the curriculum.
- Small, single-gender (women’s college) undergraduate institution – 1200 students
- Curriculum infused with leadership and service themes through the entire 4-year experience (4 Cs)
- Mixed racial profile
Research Question:
- To what extent does environmental science instruction promote environmental literacy development?
Research Methodology:
- Environmental literacy will be measured with an existing valid/reliable tool (generally includes both content inventory and survey type questions).
- 3 groups (approximately 20 students each) will be measured pre-post semester
     1) biology majors enrolled in an ecology course at Columbia College
     2) biology majors not enrolled in an ecology course at Columbia College
     3) non-biology majors not enrolled in an ecology course at Columbia College
Why is this interesting?
- Course content knowledge is only one dimension of environmental literacy, which also includes measures of attitude and activity.
- Is it possible that promoting environmental knowledge within an existing leadership/service framework could instill greater environmental literacy?
- Interactions with student demographics
- The three student groups represent three levels of science instruction.
- Environmental literacy will be measured pre/post in the same way for each group
- If instruction correlates with environmental literacy, then it can be offered in more contexts (gen-ed courses, first-year seminars, etc). 
- If it is not effective, then co-curricular initiatives may be important.
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Hi - I tried to capture the high points of your talk + your questions/comments -environmental literacy through science instruction and leadership development…current leadership program does not include anything with the environment…can you teach leadership? Environmental literacy is also ‘hard to teach!’ Need commitment and understanding and motivation for leadership and environmental literacy…to what extent does ecology courses enhance environmental literacy? Find a tool to measure environmental literacy…3 groups that will and will not have the ecology course…changes in attitudes in the context of content course…make comparative groups as similar as possible – all sophomores…changing behavior – looking for tools and finding Likert scale instruments on environmental areas…
Posted 14:29, 15 Jul 2011
wow - thanks Robyn!
Posted 16:12, 15 Jul 2011
it might also be helpful to ask the students about what activities were most helpful for them for increasing environmental literacy.
Posted 16:44, 15 Jul 2011
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