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17.83 kB13:40, 15 Jul 2011cpribbenowActions
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To control for the effects of annotation, how about
2 sections with no annotation
2 sections with digital annotation
2 sections with paper annotation
That way, you have 3 groups to cross-compare
Posted 13:39, 15 Jul 2011
Hi Kendra,
I was looking for a rubric that might help you. This isn't great, but perhaps gets you started on creating a BETTER rubric!
I've attached it...
Good luck!
Posted 13:41, 15 Jul 2011
I like the iPad/non-iPad approach. Michelle’s question was good regarding the broader question: what is the effect (if any) of annotation? I understand your reluctance to look at historical data; I am struggling with the same.
Posted 15:09, 15 Jul 2011
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