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December Assignment

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Iglika's update:

  • Since we're on a quarter system at U of C, I have now collected my first set of data for my *very* preliminary study, that I hope to start analyzing next week. I have lots of decisions to make and lots of things to think about in regard to my study - and I am doing another run in winter quarter, which starts in 2 weeks.
  • I am making a few changes in Winter quarter, so I have to decide how to do it so it is best for my students AND for my study. I've definitely had a few tensions in this respect. One thing I am hoping to add is a couple of short essays at the very start of the quarter, first week, in addition to my pre-survey. This is good for the students, and I think will enhance my study as well, as I will have them do those same/similar essays at the end as well (I only did end-of-class this quarter; in addition to reflections on particular topics throughout the quarter).
  • Another big decision is whether to have one of my 2 sections serve as a control group. Thanks to my colleagues and Alix for their feedback!

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