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November Assignments

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This is an easy report assignment DUE November 1. At the SoTL Institute (almost four months ago!) we talked about collaborating with others on your project. We mentioned working with librarians, statisticians, people in your psychology and education departments as well as undergraduate students and graduate students. What colleague(s)/student(s) have you talked to or worked with on your project?


Gerrits Update: I have tried to become friendly with my IRB coordinator, but it doesn't seem to be working -- as I am still waiting on feedback on my submission. Our head librarian and reference librarian have both volunteered to help find articles if need be. They both helped me to some degree so far, and I suspect I will be using their services again in the future. One of my colleagues is also a statistician and is willing to help take a look at my data once I have some collected.


Brinda's update: I have talked to Kimberly Tanner (a science education expert in our dept) about my project and she has been very helpful. I plan to meet with her this month and again in January to discuss data analysis. I have had an undergraduate student help with recording data and analyzing survey results.