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September Assignments

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Post an update regarding your IRB process.

Curto's project: I have my IRB and will administer the student consent form and precourse survey on Tuesday (Sept.1st).  I am curious to see what their prior knowledge is regarding cell signaling and how they organize terms into some meaningful pattern. Now I have to create a short lecture and practice exercises on concept map formation and identify articles that are not too complicated to provide cell signaling network samples.

Gerrits project. I have submitted the IRB and am currently waiting to hear their response -- hopefully soon.

Govindan's project: I am still working on my IRB package--my colleague who is on the IRB panel advised me to submit two packages--one for next semester and one to retroactively use this semester's data, since our IRB process apparently can take up to four months! Yikes. I have given one survey (to assess students' prior exposure to 'in class writing assignments' in science classes and to survey the study methods they use) and plan to give my first in-class writing ("quiz") tomorrow.   I have found out a few interesting facts so far about my students.....

1. 71% of them have never done in-class writing in a science class

2. 77% of them have never used other students' writing to help them learn in a science class

3. 85% of them think that in-class writing assignments will help them study for exams.

I have not yet analyzed the data on their study methods for science classes.

Mawn's project: I met with the IRB director in August and am now putting the finishing touches on my IRB proposal.  I hope to submit soon.  I was told that it is about a two week turnaround for expedited approval, assuming everything looks good.