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Context & Problem

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§-Non-majors Human Biology course
§-Core liberal arts requirement
§-Underprepared students
§-Science phobia/anxiety
§-Small class size (n=25)
Does the use of clickers increase motivation to learn in a small non-majors science course?
Why is this Interesting?
§-Motivation a common issue with non-major students
§-Clickers promote active learning
§-Most studies done for large classrooms
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This is worthwhile - I have used clickers with small groups of high school teachers - the anonymity is important for the teachers in the settings I have worked with them. That may apply here as well.
Posted 17:23, 17 Jul 2009
Consider (if not already) adding other active learning strategies (especially since some students had issues with the clickers - it seems maybe other clicker studies done in more clicker-friendly settings?) in addition to the clickers. For example, read a news piece or a short video and discuss in small groups to answer a question or two, depending on the time. etc. etc.

You should probably ignore my comment - you're comparing worksheet to clickers/discussion - great! edited 17:30, 17 Jul 2009
Posted 17:26, 17 Jul 2009
Will content pre- post be linked to specific content covered by clickers- that is, choose some content that has been covered by clickers and some that has not.
Posted 17:26, 17 Jul 2009
You might be interested in finding out what the students discussed in relation to the clicker questions. Possibly you could ask that as part of a reflection paper or online post.
Posted 17:29, 17 Jul 2009
I like the work sheet vs clickers model-- nice
record which topics are taught by each method-and look for performance on specific exam questions.
make sure you are aligning your clicker questions and worksheets and exam questions-- Bloom's levels.
What did you enjoy today? same question
Posted 17:33, 17 Jul 2009
Nice study
Are the questions for the clickers and the worksheet similar?
Posted 17:34, 17 Jul 2009
I think it is a neat study on a population of students that are probably not looked at very often. It also sounds like you will have a fairly significant amount of data from a relatively small class, aiding you in analysis.
Posted 17:36, 17 Jul 2009
I really encourage you to persist with the engagment 1 minute papers. You will gain valuable information. You will have to decide the frequency of response.
"What was most interesting?" "What topic would you like to learn more about?" is another question that will help you find out what interests them most.
Diaries are useful means for collecting this data.
Posted 17:36, 17 Jul 2009
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