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Grillo, Wendy Heck

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 Wendy Heck Grillo.jpg

Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
North Carolina Central University
2255 Mary Townes Science Bldg.
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 530-7063 (office)
(919) 530-7773 (fax)
The mission of North Carolina Central University (NCCU) has been to prepare students academically and professionally to become leaders. NCCU is a comprehensive institution, which offers bachelor’s degrees in more than 100 fields of study and awards graduate degrees in an estimated 40 disciplines. The University has a state-of-the-art biotechnology research institute, which collaborates with pharmacy and biotech companies in the much-touted Research Triangle Park area, where NCCU is found. With nearly 9,000 students enrolled, the historically black university is diverse: 85% of our students are African American, 6% are Caucasian, and the remainder are either African, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, Pacific Islander, or from numerous other foreign countries.