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August 2009
Submit IRB
Review literature related to "knowledge maps" and "flow charts"

September 2009
I was hoping to have my IRB completed, but it has not been approved as of yet.

October 2009
The IRB wants some changes to the submission (per comments from an IRB member). I am waiting to get their written comments so I can respond to them. Hopefully I can obtain IRB approval  prior to the end of October. I would then like to contact 2-3 students to interview related to the use of knowledge maps and hve them review the surveys for improvements.

November/December 2009
Use an MSOE free hour to recruit students and have them complete the survey and compile the data.

January 2010

Summarize and quantify data in order to submit abstract to ASMCUE

March 2010

Create poster for ASMCUE