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End July begin August
     Submit IRB with consent form
     Do I need chairman letter with this form?

    Choose 3-4 articles for use in class and background material

Create my concepts maps from these papers
Investigate & develop rubric for assessment of concept maps
Develop pre course assessment (refine multiple choice questions)

     CONTACT Instructional Designer for help on
        research design
         project goal(s)
        outcome assessment instruments


August 31st

        Students sign Consent form  - 9:30am
        Administer Pre assessment instrument - 9:45am

Pre assessment instrument includes multiple choice question and terms to organize in some manner that reflects a relation among them.


Sept. 15thish

        Protein function lecture identifies roles as ligands, receptors or intracellular mediators of cell signaling                    and instrcution on concept construction and theory.

     Assign research paper with cell signaling process and ask 2-3 students to describe individual "character" in this         process i.e. MAPK;
        What is it(chemical class) ?
        What does it do (phosphorylates something)?
        How do we study it (enzyme activity or evidence of phosphorylation)?
        What is its role in this network (activates, inhibit)?

     In teams create a concept map of this network and then a whole class map.

Sept./Oct. every other week

    Assign papers with disease/developmental interest related to malfunction of some cell signal component.      Include articles that show inhibition of a signal through cross talk, termination of response or strength of     response related to concentration of second messenger.

    Ask students to design a concept map for this cell-signaling pathway (remove figure and identifiers from     article if present)             
        exchange with peer for review (develop review rubric)
        score concept maps

Oct. 15thish - Midterm assessment
    Student knowledge
        short essay question on a network
            describe 2 or 3 network flaws that could produce this disease

create a concept map using these terms or fill in

Student opinion
        Pro and cons of
            articles read
            concept map assignments
        What would help?


Post course assessment
    Repeat pre course questions

Final exam questions

    Create concept map for a  cell network given molecules and scenario
    Step wise question
     "Work through" problem

Dec - Jan

Analyse  data for prelim report in Abstract

February 1st

          Submit Abstract Draft to  two places : My Wiki page and to 2009 Draft abstracts page for review and                         revision

February 15th

Submit Abstract to ASM

Feb - May

Construct poster for ASM (put Bioscholar logo on poster)


ASM poster session



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