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Context & Problem

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Courses (Cellular Molecular and Microbial Biology; CMMB major)
     Senior: BIOL449 Industrial Microbiology (12-24 major students, no lab, lecture 3 hrs a week, 13 weeks, offered in the winter semester from Jan to Apr), Beer brewery, Winery, and Cheese factory field trips.
     Sophomore: BIOL 220 Introductory Microbiology (64-80 major students, 2 hrs lab a week, lecture 3 hrs a week, 13 weeks in the winter semester from Jan to Apr), Sewage treatment plant, drinking water treatment facility, and Royal Inland Hospital pathology laboratory.
Learning objectives
     Recognize the role of microorganisms in our life on a daily basis and in local community.
     Understand some microbiological concepts.
     Develop an awareness of possible careers in the field.