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Reflections-SoTL Institute

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Reflections about the Biology Scholars SoTL Institute Experience

(July 2008)

We would like to obtain feedback about your experiences here this week for several purposes:

To apply for funding to support future Biology Scholars institutes.

To report back to ASM about the value of their investment in this venture.

To provide data for publication purposes.

As formative assessment for shaping Biology Scholars Programs in future years.

In general we would like you to respond as you see fit – this is intended as a personal reflection (metacognition) of your experience. What we are most interested in is your gut response. Please write freely.

We would also appreciate your comments about the following topics if you feel they are relevant to your experience:

How have you benefited or been changed by this experience as a teacher-scholar?

How has your understanding of SoTL been affected or altered?

What resources do you need to make doing the scholarship of teaching and learning feasible? (These might include release from teaching, money for travel, etc.)

How do you envision your experiences here impacting your institution?

What resources would be most valuable to you in having that impact on students and colleagues at your institution? (Resources might include time, money, external speakers/facilitators, tools to foster on-line/distance community interaction, etc.)

We request that you return your reflections by e-mail to Jessica at by Tuesday, August 5th.