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SoTL Institute

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Dear Biology Scholars,

Welcome to the 2008 Biology Scholars Program (BSP) Research Residency SoTL Institute.We are excited that you have chosen to participate.All of us have been reading with great interest your introductions and reflections.The variety of backgrounds and interests of the participants will provide a bounty of stimulating conversations.We have assembled what we believe is an exciting but ambitious three-day program.We understand that we are asking a lot of you, but are confident that the work will be rewarding and fun.

Upon completing the Institute, you will have the knowledge to be able to:

  • Conduct background (literature) research on teaching and learning
  • Frame an appropriate question regarding student learningDesign a research project to investigate your students’ learning
  • a discrete research question

  • specific methodology(s) to answer this question

  • a timeline indicating when and how this research will be implemented, when data analysis will occur and anticipated presentation

  • a bibliography that indicates what literature you are building on

  • an online collaborative learning environment you will use to develop, document, and share your work

  • a supportive team of colleagues

Since this is an intensive Institute, you will be leaving with the products of your work including:

  • Understand methods for collecting student data on learning outcomes
  • Analyze and interpret student surveys and learning data
  • Understand the importance of and necessary steps required for IRB approval
  • Reflect back on your own teaching and understanding of scholarly teaching
  • Identify appropriate venues for publishing studies on-line and through print resources
  • Network with like-minded colleagues interested in classroom learning research