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Kluckhohn-Jones, Lucy

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 Santa Monica College

1900 Pico Boulevard

Santa Monica, CA 90405 



Santa Monica College is a great place to teach, and I have been teaching microbiology there since 1986.  Most of the students who take microbiology intend to become allied health professionals, especially nurses, but also pharmacists, nurse practitioners, doctors, dentists, and the like.  The students are wonderfully diverse, in just about every way imaginable, from a variety of national and ethnic backgrounds to a wide range of age and preparation.  They share a gift of compassion and a willingness to learn.  From them I have learned much.  In addition, I serve as an ombudsperson.  In that role, I listen to students complain about classroom and other problems, and try to help them find solutions to their dilemmas.   


My Biology Scholars Research Project:    Can students really learn microbiology online?

The focus of my investigation is a comparison of what students learned in an on-ground traditional undergraduate lecture course in microbiology, with a similar hybrid class in which the lecture material was delivered online.Both sections saw essentially the same PowerPoint presentation, but the traditional lecture was delivered in person.The online course was a hybrid class, in which the lecture was presented entirely online as PowerPoint slides with a voiceover sound track.Both classes had two laboratory sessions per week on campus. The traditional class took place in the fall semester;  the hybrid online class took place the following spring.  

My investigation seeks to determine the comparative success for each type of presentation.  In addition, I plan to analyze the questions to determine the taxonomic level of the questions, using Bloom's Taxonomy or other taxonomies.   



Rita Alisauskas’ article in Focus on Microbiology Education (winter 2007) started me thinking about a comparison of on ground and online delivery of the same information in microbiology.Looking for resources has turned out to be a virtual treasure hunt.  




My approach will be to examine the overall results of the two classes on the one hand, but more important, to examine and compare the questions asked on midterm and final exams for similarity and for taxonomic level, and then compare results.



Preliminary expectations (not exactly results yet) are that the two classes are very similar.There is a great demand for online courses, so it is important to validate the results.





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