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Angela Hartsock
Karla Lightfield
Julia Massimelli
Christopher Parker


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 Biology scholar grid assignment-updated Massimelli.docx
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173.54 kB14:57, 27 Aug 2015jmassimelliActions
 One week in Micro (revised).docx
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421.32 kB18:06, 3 Sep 2015cparkerActions
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599.05 kB10:58, 6 Sep 2015klightfieldActions
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51.8 kB16:25, 7 Sep 2015ahartsockActions
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303.55 kB16:25, 7 Sep 2015ahartsockActions
 Athlete Hyponatremia Article Questions.pptx
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317.46 kB16:25, 7 Sep 2015ahartsockActions
 Assignment 2 - summative and formative assessments.docx
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91.85 kB09:10, 2 Oct 2015cparkerActions
 assignment 2-Massimelli.docx
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153.46 kB12:51, 13 Oct 2015jmassimelliActions
 Assignment 2_Angela.docx
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35.99 kB07:25, 27 Oct 2015ahartsockActions
 Assignment 2.docx
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126.33 kB10:14, 14 Nov 2015klightfieldActions
 Assignment 3 - Curriculum paper.docx
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74.21 kB12:27, 1 Dec 2015cparkerActions
 Assignment 4 - Semester wrap-up.docx
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141.78 kB13:53, 21 Dec 2015cparkerActions
 Assessment Residency #4.docx
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232.98 kB15:02, 22 Dec 2015klightfieldActions
 Biology scholar grid assignment-Spring Massimelli.docx
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167.62 kB17:47, 20 Jan 2016jmassimelliActions
 Assessment Residency #5.docx
Lightfield-Assignment 5
970.99 kB20:46, 24 Jan 2016klightfieldActions
 One week in immunology (alignment grid).pdf
Alignment grid for an upcoming week of immunology (whee!)
29.25 kB18:48, 27 Jan 2016cparkerActions
 Assignment 7_Angela.docx
No description
88.06 kB09:50, 6 Jul 2016ahartsockActions
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TO Julie- I chose yours because I remembered you teach micro. I just finished metabolism in micro. I love you focus on the human gut as the environment and the like to weight-loss, definitely something students will connect with. i think your readings will get their attention and the think-pair-shares will help them better articulate their understanding. I will be interested how it goes. Good luck n the spring with it.
Posted 06:04, 28 Sep 2015
Chris- I really liked your alignment grid for one week in micro. My question for you is related to time. Are you able to complete the case study, one minute essay and rubric in one week? I keep running into this same problem. It seem everything take twice as long as I expect. I really liked the rubric that you had students fill out on how comfortable they are with the topic. (Nathan Reyna - Gail's team)
Posted 12:00, 1 Oct 2015
Nathan- I too am having to constant adjust how much I can do in one class meeting. The rubrics are working well, so far, since they can fill them out at the end of class without sacrificing too much activity/lecture time. I'm also getting better at timing think-pair-share activities. I actually have to use the stopwatch on my phone to keep from taking too long. I haven't done a one-minute essay yet, but I'm hoping their experience with think-pair-shares will help thing move quickly.
Posted 14:18, 1 Oct 2015
Angela - I chose your grid because this is a topic that I also teach to my AP students and Bio majors. The Athlete Hyponatremia article questions.ppt is a great way to explain the concept of osmosis and they way that each slide contained a question based on the answer to a previous questions was an awesome teaching tool. I think that fill in the blank questions might be a better way to assess student reasoning.
Posted 17:50, 2 Oct 2015
Karla - I like the idea of giving the students a study guide. The study guide gives the students focus and direction on the aspects of the concepts they should concentrate to comprehend the process.
Posted 05:38, 4 Oct 2015
One minute essay and think-pair-share are good techniques to use to encourage the students to actively participate in the discussions in the classroom. This would also facilitate the instructor to assess the students’ knowledge on the topic. I hope to include them in my class as well.
Posted 06:03, 4 Oct 2015
Chris-- I really like the idea of the student rubric. Have you used it in class yet? Has it given you a good handle on what they get/don't get, better than some of your other formative assessments?
Posted 15:33, 4 Oct 2015
Angela, I really like your small group activity "For Athletes, the Risk of Too Much Water". Many of my students are student-athletes, so this would be a great activity for me to use as well. Very nice structured learning times in class in your formative assessments. Best, Jacob
Posted 09:43, 5 Oct 2015
Chris - I like the rubric, too - I didn't think of using one for the students, but it is a great idea for them to reflect on what they've learned and how well they know it. Have you made any adjustments to them as you go? How do the students feel about them? - Sara
Posted 11:49, 21 Oct 2015
Karla - I like the slide with the building blocks and intermediate steps, it really helps build the unit, and helps think of all the components. Scaffolding! For the higher-order questions on the multiple-choice exam, do you write them yourself or do you find them in a text testbank? I also have a large class, but not as large as yours, and I struggle with finding/writing fair, but challenging multiple choice questions. - Sara
Posted 11:56, 21 Oct 2015
Karla and Sara - I'm still trying to figure out how best to use the rubrics. At the moment they seem to be most useful as a reflective assignment, but I have recently made an effort to align the test questions with the objectives assessed by the rubrics. I plan to see if there is any correlation between what they know (the test scores) and what they think they know (the rubrics) but I won't know until after the next exam.
Posted 17:47, 28 Oct 2015
Sorry for the late submission of Assignment 3. Finishing up the semester (as I'm sure we all are). Hope everyone's semester is going well!
Posted 12:28, 1 Dec 2015
Assignment 7: The week of immunology described in my alignment from assignment 5 went well for the most part. The think-pair-share went as planned, but the randomized strip sequence was not done due to poor planning (aka lack of time) on my part. That said, the students averaged 84.5 on the exam that included this material, so it wasn't a complete loss. As was discussed during the workshops, time is one of the biggest problems we seem to face, and although I know the activities and planning is going to take extra time, I never seem to have enough of it. edited 10:19, 3 Apr 2016
Posted 10:19, 3 Apr 2016
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