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Bryan's Team

Michele Culumber
Donnasue Graesser
Karen Huffman
Mia Ray


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 Alignment grid with dates.docx
Alignment grid with dates and more detail
41.38 kB14:40, 31 Aug 2015khuffmanActions
Body Plan and Organization Alignment Grid.pdf
I am not currently teaching API this semester so I created a grid for Body Plan and Organization for my Comparative vertebrate anatomy course which will also be taught next semester in my AP I course. I welcome all feedback
24.75 kB19:44, 4 Sep 2015mrayActions
 Inflate A Date-Matching Questions.pdf
No description
47.17 kB19:44, 4 Sep 2015mrayActions
 Inflate A Date -
This is movie of the beginning of my active learning activity. After the inflatables popped out of the bags each team of students labeled the parts with post-it tabs. The group that got the most parts in 10 minutes won a prize.
5.85 MB20:11, 4 Sep 2015mrayActions
 Glycolysis and Fermentation.docx
No description
101.77 kB16:38, 29 Sep 2015mculumberActions
No description
48.61 kB16:38, 29 Sep 2015mculumberActions
No description
264.16 kB16:38, 29 Sep 2015mculumberActions
No description
70.9 kB00:47, 3 Oct 2015bdewsburyActions
 Second Post-Institute Assignment .docx
No description
94.57 kB03:10, 3 Oct 2015mrayActions
 Post-Institute Reflection.pdf
No description
31.38 kB01:20, 22 Dec 2015mrayActions
 Post reflection.docx
22.76 kB08:52, 22 Dec 2015khuffmanActions
I fell behind this semester due to some unexpected illness in my department and some family issues. Overall, it was a tough semester. I did use the Socrative Classroom Management system and will continue to use it (or similar) with some minor adjustments. Students seemed to like it and it kept them on their toes.
70.38 kB13:48, 5 Feb 2016mculumberActions
 Castle Diagram 2016.pptx
Assignment 5
61.72 kB16:55, 8 Feb 2016mrayActions
 Assignment 3 BSP.xlsx
JMBE Idea for Fall 16
35.62 kB15:07, 14 Mar 2016mculumberActions
 4th Post Institute Assignment.docx
Successes and Roadblocks
81.75 kB15:07, 14 Mar 2016mculumberActions
Assignment #7.docx
No description
13.76 kB07:12, 17 Apr 2016khuffmanActions
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Hi all! hope your semester is off to a great start. - K
Posted 14:41, 31 Aug 2015
My activity will not occur until November so I will be better able to comment on the how it went in December. But the up side is I will be able to read how this went for others and perhaps make some adjustments that will improve the activity for students.
Posted 06:00, 28 Sep 2015
Michele- I like the Inflate a date idea for engaging students. I'm curious how the think-pair-share will be tried this exercise.
Posted 17:19, 1 Oct 2015
Hi everyone,

I hope you have had a strong start to your semester. Mind was a hell of a whirlwind so I apologize for just checking in. It is quite interesting that some of the activities above (especially the ones relating to respiration) mirror some of the things I have implemented with my Principles of Biology 101 class. Michelle, can you elaborate on Parker's question on the think-paid-share? I'm interested as well. I'm going to attach an alignment grid that I turned into my university as part of a new general education program they are piloting. I think it might be useful especially for those thinking about applying cultural competencies to their classroom. Continue to have a wonderful semester.


Posted 00:47, 3 Oct 2015
I think that Parker's questions was actually addressing my inflate-a-date activity if I am not mistaken. At the completion of the active learning exercise think-pair-share was utilized to determine which team won. During this time teams compared their labels and were made aware of incorrect answers and duplicates. This time allowed each student to review the terminology before taking the post-test.
Posted 03:14, 3 Oct 2015
Mia, I think it was really neat idea to have the inflate a date activity. However, I am not sure of the exact purpose of the inflate - is it just to get students excited or is there a tie-in to the learning objective? Overall, I like your castle-top structure and format of the course. Best, Jacob
Posted 09:39, 5 Oct 2015

I like your glycolysis and fermentation activity. You mention that you will have students predict how cells can survive on fermentation. How are you planning to do that?
Posted 12:59, 13 Oct 2015
Hi Karen-Just a quick you find that students struggle with your Exam 1 question? It kind of stopped me in my tracks just because I could rationalize how the answer could be little by little and also rapidly. Just curious if you find this kind of question to be difficult for students. -Angela
Posted 07:07, 27 Oct 2015
Very nice to see the scores improve for that particular learning activity that was castle-topped Mia. Thoughts on upscaling that to the rest of the learning outcomes?


Posted 11:23, 3 Nov 2015
To Angela- No; most understand that the correct answer is little by little becasue we talk about why physiolgically it can't and shouldn't happen in one big step. So if they have listedned they get it.
Posted 13:03, 17 Nov 2015
Bryan- I'm not quite sure what you mean by upscaling. Could you explain what you mean a little more?
Posted 01:23, 22 Dec 2015
Hi Everyone
My Fall semester fell apart a bit with department issues and some family things. I'm on sabbatical this semester and am not sure of the best way to get back in line with the Bio Scholars.
For the glycolysis and fermentation I did a think-pair-share and and asked them how organisms like Lactobacillus in cheese, or yeast making alcohol. They also have a diagram of the pathway of glycolysis and fermentation. They need to recognize the production of the 2 ATP and the recycling of NAD. What I found worked even better was giving them an unlabeled diagram of glycolysis and CAC and used a classroom response system to identify important steps (oxidations, ATP, CO2 loss). I found that what they got hung up on the most was that the CO2 and electrons come from the glucose.
Posted 13:22, 5 Feb 2016
Hey Team. This semester I will have my students complete a histology art project as the main activity for basic tissues. This gives them an opportunity to identify important microscopic structures, but also a way to make those images interesting and memorable.
Posted 17:00, 8 Feb 2016
Hi- My schedule was switched a bit last semester so I did not get to do my activity. I am going to be doing it in 3 sections of a course this spring, and then present at Microbrew (I hope!). In reading it looks like some others had an unexpected fall too. Here's to a productive spring for us all!
Posted 13:17, 28 Feb 2016
I'm on sabbatical this spring, so I didn't submit a plan for assignment #5. Right now, I'm just catching up on some research that fell behind (with everything else) during the Fall. This summer, I'm hoping to do some major revisions on my main course, and hope to share these during the Capstone meeting and ASMCUE. I will be presenting some of the materials and ideas that we developed last summer and fall at a Teaching Forum on my campus later this week.
Posted 15:11, 14 Mar 2016
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