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Reading Reflections

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  1. General Biology 2 is an introductory biology course for majors, which covers three majors themes in biology - genetics, evolution, and diversity of life/systematics. I organize the material into units (DNA & Genes, Heredity, Evolution, Systematics, Bacteria & Viruses, Protozoa & Fungi, and Plants & Animals).

  2. The constraint for this course is time. There is a lot of material to cover. I feel that I spend too much time trying to cover material, which makes the course drag on and bores the students. 

  3. I want the students to understand and apply the main concepts from this course. I also want them to understand the process of scientific inquiry and how it led to the discoveries such as the structure of DNA, the theory of evolution, and current methods of classifying life.

  4. I use exams, quizzes, and assignments to determine if students have learned what I described above.