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On-line Learning: New ideas to implement :)

- Guest lectures for online class, post expert lecture videos

- Threaded discussion: movie discussion and debates

- mp3 files: have students create mp3 on EIDs (current and media)

- When posting questions for students, post multiple questions so that students don't repeat postings. In addition, postings will be on exam - keeps student accountable.

- Create/Post videos: lab procedures, replace classes that may be cancelled, etc...



- Aligning expectations, presurvey to align student and instructor expectations

- Concept mapping, makes connection and gives value to class *particularly useful for me because my students are required to take my class for nursing* I do something useful except to map the connection within my course.



- instruments used to assess concepts: knowledge surveys, summative assessments, inventorie, and maps.

- these show the different spectrums of assessment: big picture vs learning objective and formative vs summative assessment. *knowledge surverys are a good place to start because it is diagnostic and be used pre and post*

- "What's in a name" How you word or name things will get different results


So I finished my powerpoint last night...or so I thought. After today, I've went back and rebuilt it based on a few of these new pearls of wisdom. Thank you so much!!


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