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My teaching responsibilities:

My teaching load is best described as two-and-a-half classes per semester, in which one lecture section equals one class and one lab section equals half a class. In the fall, I teach the genetics half of one of our three offerings of introductory biology I. I also teach the lecture and two lab sections for the 400-level Microbiology course for biology majors. In the spring, I teach the lecture for the 400-level Medical Microbiology for health science majors and one of the lab sections. I also just started teaching one of the two lecture offerings of introductory biology II.

My teaching challenges:

The U. of Hartford student body has a wide-range in academic ability and motivation, from extremely capable students to students who likely should not be in college and from students with a passion for learning to students who could not care less about their studies. My challenges include establishing an appropriate rigor for the course, keeping students engaged in lecture, writing clear exam questions at the appropriate level of rigor, and grading open ended questions/lab reports. I also struggle with determining exactly how much detail should be covered in lecture.

My professional development goals:

I was awarded an Engaged Learning Fellowship by the U. of Hartford provost’s office to transform introductory biology II from lecture-based to active-learning-based. Thus, I am particularly interested in ways to best design and assess, both quantitatively and qualitatively, student learning goals and student learning outcomes, especially for a student body with diverse academic abilities. I also hope to improve my assignment/quiz/exam question writing and my ability to grade written work, both exam short answer/essay questions and lab reports. In the grand scheme, I hope to transmit the skills I learn at the institute to my colleagues so that we can improve our courses and therefore our students learning gains and perhaps as a byproduct, retain more students in the major.

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