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Assignment #2: Reading and Reflection Fink and Focus – Due 6/6 

Below you will find your second assignment – a reading assignment with accompanying questions. Please read this entire message carefully.  This assignment will direct you to the Biology Scholars Wiki ( a site you will use as a workspace during your year in residency and beyond.   Your next assignment will teach you how to work within this environment.

Please read the resource below in preparation for the institute and use the questions at the end of this email to reflect on the reading.  This assignment must be completed and posted to the listserv ( with the subject line “name – reflections” no later than Monday, June 6.


Please read the chapter below, A Taxonomy of Significant Learning, from Dee Fink’s book, Creating Significant Learning Experiences: An Integrated Approach to Designing College Courses.  Answer the questions below.   

  1. Identify and describe one of your courses that will serve as your “project course” for the work you do at the Institute.  
  2. What constraints influence how you teach this course?  (e.g., large class size, laboratory format, non-majors)  
  3. What do you hope the students will learn in your course?  
  4. Provide a list of 3–4 specific assessment strategies you are most interested in exploring during the Assessment Institute? 
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