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Table of contents
  1. 1. Summative


Begin with an example learning objective and practice developing a summative assessment for it (quiz or exam question).

Learning Objective #1: Be able to interpret a spectrogram view of sound.


  • Analysis on Bloom's taxonomy
  • Procedural Learning on Angelo and Cross's four-dimensional assessment.


With extension and revision, the original learning objective could also be written at other levels:

  • Application on Fink's taxonomy - using in a new context
  • Learning How to Learn on Fink's taxonomy - understanding how the tools help you relate auditory to visual representation of sound
  • Conditional Learning on Angelo and Cross - knowing when and where to apply


Exam questions:

  • Distinguish between amplitude and frequency. (Short Answer, Comprehension, Analysis)
  • How are amplitude and frequency represented on a spectrogram? (Short Answer, Application)
  • Label the x- and y-axes of the spectrogram below. (Short Answer - Diagram, Comprehension, Analysis)
  • Predict what the spectrogram would look like for the following sound (play audio) (or the following waveform (show waveform image)) (Short Answer - Diagram, Application)
  • Using the spectrogram at right, calculate the frequency range of this bird's song. (Short Answer, Comprehension, Analysis)
  • Match the following sound (play audio) to one of the spectrograms below (Matching, Analysis).
  • Describe how a spectrogram could help you interpret sound and when you might want to use it. (Short Answer, Learning How to Learn, Conditional Learning)
  • When would it be more useful to use a spectrogram than a waveform representation of sound? (Short Answer, Conditional Learning, Fink's Application (not Bloom's), Analysis, Evaluation)
  •  In what situation would it be more useful to use a spectrogram than a waveform? (MC, Analysis, Evaluation)
    • a.
    • b.
    • c.
    • d.
  • Describe a situation in which a waveform representation of sound would be useful. (Short Answer/Essay, Comprehension, Synthesis)


Learning Objective #2: List the basic characteristics of birds.



  • Pick learning objectives
  • Categorize them (Bloom, Fink, etc.)
  • ID or write an exam question to assess it.
  • Rewrite your question in at least two other formats (Be sure to write the answers as a check on how time-consuming, clear, difficult the questions are).
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