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Course Objectives: Applied Environmental Microbiology

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UNIT TOPIC: Prokaryotic Structure (3:50 min Lecture periods)

After this unit, the students will

  1. Distinguish between different cellular components of Archaea and Eubacteria
    1. Identify and define the nucleoid, ribosomes and inclusions bodies of the prokaryotic cell
    2. Compare and contrast the stucture and function of the cell membrane of Archaea and Bacteria
    3. Determine the importance of a capsule in a bacterial cell
  2. Create the cell wall of a bacterial cell from its precursor molecules
  3. Differentiate the structural components of Gram positive, Gram negative cells, Acid-Fast and mycoplasmas
    1. Describe the Gram stain reactions for each type of cell.
  4. Use the structural information to determine which components of the cell would be an optimal site of antibiotic use and explain why these sites are optimal in terms of selective toxicity
  5. Compare the acid fast and mycoplasms to Gram postive and Gram negative cells.
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