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The Biology Scholars Wiki provides a venue for Scholars to

  • Share information
  • Establish collaborative projects
  • Provide peer-to-peer mentoring

Biology scholars have participated in an NSF-sponsored residency to improve their understanding and practice of evidenced-based teaching and learning. The Program is a multiyear leadership program for college biology faculty to bring about reforms in undergraduate education.

The Biology Scholars Program is based on three independent, but intertwined virtual residency programs, where faculty employ rigorous evaluations of their own teaching with the goal of publishing results demonstrating improved student learning in the laboratory or classroom and leading colleagues in national efforts to sustain undergraduate biology education reform. 

  • The Research Residency focuses on developing biologists’ knowledge and skills in evidenced-based research in learning. 

  • The Writing Residency moves biology faculty who are conducting scholarly work in student learning and advances their performances to publish in biology and/or science education journals and on-line collections. 

  • The Leadership Residency advances biology faculty to develop as leaders in building communities, transforming professional societies and institutions and sustaining reform efforts.