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This annotated bibliography is designed to include article on improving how students assess their knowledge of the material and structure their learning. I want to try using formative or pre-assessments to get students to understand their own misconceptions of the material, their pre-knowledge of the material and to get a feel for the depth of which they will need to understand the material for success on the summative assessments. Therefore, I need to obtain data on the efficacy of formative assessments, best practices in structuring formative assessments and on evaluating the efficacy of formative assessments in student learning. 


Cliff W, Freeman S, Hansen PA, Kibble JD, Peat M, and Wendroth MP, “Is formative assessment an effective way to improve learing? A symposium at Experimental Biology 2008”, Adv Physiol Educ 32:337-338, 2008. 


This article deals with using the formative assessment as a tool to determine student deficiencies and misconceptions. This is a direct link what I would like to try with my students to help them identify areas of weakness prior to their summative assessments. This article is useful in both its topic, scope, and the references that it contains and represents a base of work on which I would like to build. 


Dobson J, “The use of formative online quizzes to enhance class preparation and scores on summative exams”, Adv. Physiol. Educ 32: 297-302, 2008 


This article also is a study on which I would like to build. I like the prospect of using online formative evaluations for two reasons; online evaluations do not take valuable class time; and students can potentially re-assess as needed. It will be good for methods of evaluation as well. 


Kibble, JD, “Use of unsupervised online quizzes as formative assessment in a medical physiology course: effects of incentives on student participation and performance”, Advan. Physiol. Edu. 31:253-260, 2007. 


Cautions and solutions for students misuse of formative assessments when incentives are used. Some things to think about…. 



ERIC #: EJ880311 

Goubeaud K, “ How Is Science Learning Assessed at the Postsecondary Level? Assessment and Grading Practices in College Biology, Chemistry and Physics” J Sci Educ and Tech 19(3):237-245, 2010. 


Hopefully useful as I learn more about effective methods for formative assessments. 




ERIC #: EJ877801 

Rossiter D, Petrulis R, and Biggs C, “A Blended Approach to Problem-Based Learning in the Freshman Year” Chemical Engineering Education 44(1):23-29, 2010 


Web site: 


Designing intentional learning combining lecture, online and active learning techniques. Hopefully a resource for pulling it all together 



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