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Sue Sullivan

work phone 318-427-4433

cell phone 318-794-3113 for during the summer institute


  I teach at Louisiana State University at Alexandria which is a small public baccalaureate institution located in the center of the state. We have about 2500 students who are mostly local. Many of our students are non-traditional with full time jobs and families and thus represent a population with a different set of challenges.  Almost all of our students are first generation college attendees.

 I teach a wide variety of classes, most of them dealing with microorganisms or cellular/molecular biology.  These include general biology for majors and non-majors;  General Microbiology, which is a combined majors and non major's course; Genetics; Cellular and Molecular Biology; Cellular and Molecular Techniques; Immunology; and Biohemistry, all for majors. My background is in the interplay of the immune response and microorganisms that cause persistent infections.  At LSUA we are primarily a teaching university with a teaching load of 4-5 classes per semester. Thus, our scholarship and research requirements revolve around training students to become scholars within their field. This is very important to me as these sorts of experiences are what brought me into research as an undergraduate.  In addition, since the environment at LSUA is not conducive to research in infectious diseases, and because I feel our goal is to enrich the education of our students the community,  I am seeking  to expand the definition scholarship for our university to include the scholarship of teaching and learning.  I feel well supported in this endeavor and was awared an endowed professorship for the next two years to assist me. Unlike other schools I will not have a course load reduction for this work so I expect it to be a challenge.

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