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The alignment has left me dissatisfied with two aspects of my  course: 

1. My learning objectives are mostly lower level but I cannot imagine a way to move up the taxonomy pyramid. 


2. It seems like there is way too much assessment, but honestly I do not feel like the students are buried under assignments.


Learning Objective 

Students will be able to: 

Taxonomy Level/Category 

Formative Assessments 

Summative Assessment 

summarize the prevailing theories of cancer development and treatment 


Summary paragraphs on research papers (3/sem) 

Discussion  board on redefining cancer 

Questions on 2 exams that ask the students to choose appropriate phrases 

use specific terms appropriately as they relate to cancer research/treatment/diagnosis 


Anticipatory set vocabulary lists 

Laboratory activity summary assignment 

Discussion board on describing cancer to a patient 

Lab reports, group oral presentation, final paper 

describe a least 4 of the major signaling pathways central to the development of cancer that are presented in the course 


Research paper summaries, 3 during semester 

Multiple choice question on the exam in which students choose the best term or phrase, final paper on group project 

predict the effect of specific mutations in four major pathways 


Discussion board on pathways to cancer 

Group worksheet assignment 

construct a model of cancer that incorporates at least two of the major signaling pathways presented in the course 


Concept maps 

Discussion  board on redefining cancer 

None, maybe final presentation 

differentiate between interventions that prevent cancer and interventions that treat cancer 


Class discussion worksheets in recitation 

Research paper summaries 

Exam questions 

explain at least one type of experiment used in cancer research 


Lab activity summary sheet 

Post-hoc flow charts 

Lab report (2), lab meeting presentations (3) final presentation 

appraise data from an research paper for relevance and significance 


Lab discussion worksheets 

Lab quiz (2), lab meeting presentations (3) 

read and summarize a research paper in cancer biology 


Lab discussion worksheets 

Final presentations and final paper 

recognize and use safe practices in the laboratory 

Understanding and application 

Cell culture supervision 

Safety quiz 


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