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July 16, 2010


IRB talk


Can I use data that was collected before I had a project, before I planned a study.


Exempt status:  minimal risk with nonvuneralble populations (= adults, students 18 and over)


Plan your strategy:

1.  date of submission

2.  line up your materials (sureys, interveiw protocols, consent forms  -- see wiki)

3.  ask before submitting  -- talk to Ray to see if I can use the data I collected previously


Find out how long the IRB is good for.  If it expires, do I need to submit a renewal or a new proposal?


Students sign consent forms.  Let them know that they will help you to improve learning. You are going to help me be better at what I do.

If you want to learn about what I find out, just contact me by email.


Standard consent forms? or create my own?

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