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Anne-Marie Hoskinson

Minnesota State University, Mankato
242 Trafton Science Center S.
Mankato, MN 56001
Tel. 507.389.5752

My Biology Scholars Research Project

Un-Teachable? Un-Learnable? Collaboration Skills in the College Science Classroom

What is the focus of your investigation?

Collaboration, within and among disciplines, is an essential skill set for successful biological research, yet its practices – much less how to teach collaboration – are poorly understood. My research asks how scientists can teach collaboration in the classroom and in authentic research mentorship.

Basic Information re research:

-Course - name and number:   Biol 2400 Mathematical Models in Biology

-Semester(s):   Fall 2006 –Spring 2008

-Student population (i.e. Biology/Biotech, Majors, etc.): Biology majors – required quantitative core course

-Number of students:  40/semester

-Level of students:  Sophomores - seniors

Scholar Implementation Plan (Please fill in approximate dates when these activities will be completed.)

-Discuss IRB process with GaTech Office of Research Compliance by 30 September 2008

-All data have been collected. Preliminary analysis of quantitative data is done.

What resources/references have you found helpful?

To be included...

What is your approach and/or what evidence will you gather?
The paper I'm currently working on describes the evolution of a collaborative classroom (in fact that's my working title). I'll show some of my quantitative results there. As I've analyzed my data, however, I realize that there's another paper here (in addition to the descriptive one).
What results have emerged ?
I have a snapshot of four main trends posted under Results. Basically, students thought the collaborative model worked, and the learning gains - both technical and personal - persisted.
What information may be found in your Appendices?

You can find the questionnaire I asked my math models students to complete. I administered this through SALG (, associated with the University of Wisconsin.

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