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Managing group activities in a Large Lecture Class

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I have been asked to explore ideas on managing group work in large lectures (200 to 350 students). What resources would be needed to support active work, for example, in 16 groups of 18 students. I have explored clickers and wikis already, but was wondering about smart board or tablet computer technologies. Does anyone have any leads on approaches used or proposed for this type of lecturing?

Karen Curto********************************************

I like the idea of tablet computer technology and there is a prof in Computer Science who uses it successfuly in small groups-- we haven't adopted this for our large classes because of cost. We don't have smart boards-- cost is issue again.

Scott Freeman in our department will be doing active learning with a class of 700 students for Intro Biology this fall.  He will be relying heavily on peer TAs who were trained last quarter in a course designed specifically to train peer TAs. OUr groups will be a bit smaller at 8.  I believe there is a similar program at U. Colorado (Jenny Knight) that uses LA learning assistants. 

The undergrads get trainging in mentoring and tutoring and then get college credit when they are peer TAs. 

THere are papers out there on Peer Lead Team Learning (PLTL).

Mary Pat Wenderoth '08 scholar.*********************************



Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, but I'd like to hear more about how you've used clickers to do this.  I've found it to be highly effective in getting feedback (and data) on the effectiveness of team-based learning activities I do in my class of 80 students (my ASMCUE talk will be on these data).  I don't have any TA's, unfortunately.

Caron Inouye************************************************* 

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