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Surveys Scholars are using

Julie Reynolds '09:  I have been using the SALG (Student Assessment of Learning Gains) and a Metacognition inventory (see references below) to redesign a survey.  I have taken pieces of both surveys and combined them to suit my needs.  They have been very useful -- it is so nice not to have to create a survey from scratch!

Schraw & Dennison Metacognitive Inventory 

Seymour, E., Wiese, D., Hunter, A. & Daffinrud, S.M. (2000, March). Creating a Better Mousetrap: On-line Student Assessment of their Learning Gains. Paper presentation at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society,San Francisco CA.


Wendy Heck '09, team 2:

Wendy has posted two surveys on her Team 2 page:  they are also included below.  Contact her dierctly to compare your results from these sruveys with her.

1. student motivation questionnaire

2. student attitude survey

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