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Student views of Science

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tools that measure students views of Science

SUSSI--StudentUnderstanding of Science and Scientific Inquiry  questionnaire(Liang et al., 2008)"The SUSSI questionnaire (Liang et al., 2008) is an instrumentdesigned with both Likert-scale and open-ended components, toprovide opportunities for in-depth study of NOS views (as emphasizedin the Views of the Nature of Science [VNOS]; Lederman et al., 2002) while retaining the efficiency of previous forced-choiceinstruments (many used over the past 55 years, such as the ScienceAttitudes Questionnaire [Wilson, 1954], the Test on UnderstandingScience [Klopfer and Cooley, 1961], the Science Process Inventory[Welch and Pella, 1967], the Nature of Science Test [Billeh and Hassan, 1975], the Nature of Scientific Knowledge Scale[Rubba and Andersen, 1978], the Conceptions of Scientific TheoriesTest [Cotham and Smith, 1981], and the Views on Science-Technology-Societyinstrument [Aikenhead et al., 1989])" from

Comparison of Views of the Nature of Science between Natural Science and Nonscience Majors
Marie C. Desaulniers Miller, Lisa M. Montplaisir, Erika G. Offerdahl, Fu-Chih Cheng, and Gerald L. Ketterling
CBE Life Sci Educ 2010;9 45-54


Biology CLASS- Colorado Learning Attitudes Student Survey

For more information please contact Jenny Knight or Michelle Smith

Information about CLASS development see: is also the website where the BioCLASS will soon be posted (currently only Physics and Chemistry are available).

 Views About Biology Survey (VABS).Halloun and Hestenes, 1996.

Based on responses to survey questions, students are placed in one of four profiles: folk, low transitional, high transitional, or expert, with an expert profile resembling that of a professional scientist

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