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Calibrated Peer Review-- a program developed by UCLA

for a critique of CPR, see

"Calibrated Peer Review Assignments in Science Courses—Are They Designed to Promote Critical Thinking and Writing Skills?" by Reynolds and Moskovitz 2008 J College Sci Teacher

Peer Lead Team Learning (PLTL)

overview of PLTL on the Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL) page

Peer-Led Team Learning: A Student-Faculty Partnership for Transforming the Learning Environment
Pratibha Varma-Nelson, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL; Mark S. Cracolice,  The University of Montana, Missoula, MT; and David K. Gosser, City College of the City University of New York, New York, NY
J Chem. Educ 80: 132–134.



Pedagogies of engagement in science: A comparison of PBL, POGIL, and PLTL*
Thomas Eberlein, Jack Kampmeier,§ Vicky Minderhout, Richard S Moog,|| Terry Platt,‡‡ Pratibha Varma-Nelson,§§ and Harold B White
Biochem Mol Biol Educ. 2008 July; 36(4): 262–273. link

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