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Scholar SOTL Specialties

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Many Scholars are working on the same or similar topic either in their teaching or their SOTL project.

We can use this page to identify our topics and build networks around it.


Cori Fata-Hartley-  2010 Scholar
Amy Siegesmund-  2010 Scholar
Lianna Etchberger- 2009 Scholar
Mary Pat Wenderoth-- 2008 Scholar


Kathy Zoghby



Charlotte Borgeson


topics collected during the Scholars workshop (July 2009)

cognitive load

threshold concept & desirable difficulties


cognitive dissonance

transfer of knowledge

Critical thinking

Retention of learning ( what will increase retention)
   see paper in Science- Importance of retrieval for memory
   see paper in CBE-Life Science Education - Quizzes by Klionsky

Deep vs. surface learning
    John Biggs and David Kember and Gow: study process questionnaire

Student misconceptions in your discipline

Technology to improve understanding

Writing to learn science

Case-studies for learning science ( in class and lab)

Problem based learning
    see Pedagogies of Engagement

Statistics- for science education researchers to use in their studies
         (web sites, tutorials, texts resources)

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