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2005 Research Residency Scholars

Michèle Shuster

Shuster, M., and Peterson, K. (2009) Development, Implementation and Assessment of a Lecture Course on Cancer for Undergraduates. CBE-Life Sciences Education Vol 8: 193-202, Fall 2009. 

Preszler, RW., A. Dawe, C.B. Shuster and M. Shuster. (2007) Assessment of the effects of student response systems on student learning and attitudes over a broad range of biology courses. CBE-Life Sciences Education. Vol 6(4):29-41. 

2006 Research Residency Scholars 

Lee Hughes

Hughes, L. 2009. Principles of Biology I NGen Course Summary in Next Generation Course Redesign by P.M. Turner.Change November/December,10-16. 

Hughes, L.E. 2008. Construction and Evaluation of an Online Microbiology Course for Non-science Majors. Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education 9, 30-37.

2007 Research Residency Scholars 

2008 Research Residency Scholars

Jim Smith

McGroarty E, Parker J, Heidemann M, Lim H, Olson M, Long T, Merrill J, Riffell S, Smith J, Batzli J, Kirschtel D. 2004. Supplementing Introductory Biology with on-line curriculum, Biochemical and Molecular Biology Education 32: 20-26. 

Smith JJ, Heidemann MK, Parker JM. 2003. Experiences in the creation and use of online learning guides for Introductory Biology, International Journal of Learning (Proceedings of The Learning Conference, London, UK, July 2003) 10: 1589-1603. 


Mary Pat Wenderoth

Scott Freeman, Eileen O’Connor, John W. Parks, Matthew Cunningham, David Hurley, David Haak, Clarissa Dirks, and Mary Pat Wenderoth. (2007) Prescribed Active Learning Increases Performance in Introductory Biology. CBE—Life Sciences Education 6: 132–139.

Allison Crowe, Clarissa Dirks, and Mary Pat Wenderoth. (2008) Biology in Bloom:  Implementing Bloom's Taxonomy to Enhance Student Learning in Biology.  CBE — Life Sciences Education 7:368-381.  CBE Biology in Bloom.pdf 


Jenny Knight

Knight, J. and B. Wood (2005) Teaching more by lecturing less.  Cell Biology Education 4: 298–310.

Michelle K. Smith, William B. Wood, and Jennifer K. Knight (2008) The Genetics Concept Asssessment:  A New Concept Inventory for Gaugaing Student Understanding of Genetics.  CBE— Life Sciences Education 7:422-430. CBE Genetics Concept Assessment.pdf 

M. K. Smith, W. B. Wood, W. K. Adams, C. Wieman, J. K. Knight, N. Guild,T. T. Su (2009).  Why peer discussion improves student performance on in-class concept questions.  Science 323: 122-124.


2009 Research Residency Scholars

Kris Obom
Obom, K. M., Cummings, P. J., 2007. Comparison of online and onsite bioinformatics instruction for a fully online Bioinformatics Master’s Program. J Microbiology Biology Education 8:22 – 27
Maldarelli, G. A, Hartmann, E.M, Cummings, P.J. Horner, R. D., Obom, K. M., Shingles, R., Pearlman, R.S. 2009. Virtual lab demonstrations improve student’s mastery of basic biology laboratory techniques. J Microbiology Biology Education 10: 51-57


Julie Reynolds

Reynolds, Julie A. and Jennifer Ahern-Dodson, Promoting science literacy through Research Service-Learning, an emerging pedagogy with significant benefits for students, faculty, universities, and communities, Journal of College Science Teaching, vol 39 no. 6 (2010), p.

Reynolds, Julie, Robin Smith, Cary Moskovitz, and Amy Sayle, BioTAP, A Systematic Approach to Teaching Scientific Writing and Evaluating Undergraduate Theses, BioScience, vol. 59 no. 10 (2009), pp. 896-90.

Reynolds, Julie A. When communicating science to the public, use VELCRO to make science stick, Bulletin of Ecological Society of America, vol. 90 no. 3 (2009), pp. 297-304.

Reynolds, Julie A. and Cary Moskovitz, Calibrated Peer Review™ assignments in science courses: Are they designed to promote critical thinking and writing skills?, Journal of College Science Teaching, vol. 38 no. 2 (2008), pp. 60-66.

Reynolds, Julie A. and Vicki Russell, Can You Hear Us Now?: A comparison of peer review quality when students give audio versus written feedback, Writing Across the Curriculum Journal, vol. 19 (2008), pp. 29-44.

Reynolds, Julie and Steve Vogel, Precisely! A writing exercise for science and engineering classes, Journal of College Science Teaching, vol. 34 no. 5 (2007), pp. 30-34.

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