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Books on Pedagogy and Education Research

Table of contents
  1. 1.  Pedagogy
  2. 2.  Education Research


 How People Learn-- John Bransford ( National Research Council)
start with chapters 2 and 3.

How People Learn- Bridging Research and Practice-
What the best college teachers by M. Bain

Becoming a critically reflective teacher by Stephen Brookfield

Classroom Assessment Techniques - John Angello and Patricia Cross
this book is a great reference tool.  It looks thick and overwhelming BUT the chapters can be read independently

Learner-Centered Teaching: FIve key changes to practice-- Mary Ellen Weimer

Creating Significant Learning Experiences-- Dee Fink

Self- Theories: Their role in motivation, personality and Development- Carol Dweck

 Education Research

 Classroom Research: Implementing the Scholarship of Teaching-- Patricia Cross & Mimi Steadm




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A very useful book to help you create and grade student writing:
"Engaging Students" by John L. Bean.
Posted 16:08, 17 Jul 2009
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