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2. Post-Institute Assignment: Biology Scholars Writing Club

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During the institute, there was some talk about setting up a writing club or journal to keep everyone motivated and on task with their writing goals throughout the remainder of the residency. Laurence Clement and Paula Soneral have planned and implemented the Biology Scholars Writing Club to accomplish just that! Please see below for information about the club and a timeline of proposed activities. For more information or to gain access to the writing log, please email


> Biology Scholars Writing Club


As a community of scholars, our mission is to foster our ongoing professional growth by providing support and challenge to one another toward the publication of scholarly work in biology education research.


2014-2015 Transitions Residency cohort

Paula Soneral and Laurence Clement, Co-chairs


The Biology Scholars Writing Club (BSWC) is open to all biology education researchers and alumni of the Biology Scholars Residency. 

Proposed Activities

In its inaugural year, the BSWC proposes to host a face-to-face peer review session for ongoing writing and research projects of its members. This session will be held during an afternoon before or after the annual ASM-CUE meeting in May 2015. We envision an activity modeled after Tara Gray’s Publish and Flourish framework.  We will solicit manuscripts-in-preparation two months prior to the ASM-CUE conference (March 2015), and exchange them within our peer network for review.  Participants arrive at the face-to-face session (May 2015) prepared to summarize the manuscript’s strengths and areas for improvement with the group.  Participants will leave the session with a roadmap for future directions and a timeline for completion of their scholarly tasks and goals. Any manuscript is acceptable, including - but not limited to - the project presented at the Biology Scholars Institute.

To encourage accountability for writing in the months prior to our annual peer review, we created a public writing log wherein minutes spent writing are documented for all to see.  Several Transitions scholars have begun documenting their work, and additional members are always welcome to request access to the file by emailing

We also propose two formal check-in opportunities in September and December, which will encourage the group to reflect on their progress and communicate their next steps and timeline for completion.

Figure 1. Timeline for proposed activities of the BSWC

Timeline of activities.JPG

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