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BSP Transitions Timeline 7-17-12

1.       Look at the similarity and differences between cohorts to see if there is a difference between the quality of students in the Fall and Spring semesters.

a.       Rationale:  Concern is that the Spring semesters may include students who have already been unsuccessful in BIOL 1201 (the study course), or have waited to take the course until Spring because they were academically ineligible to take the course their first college semester. If there is not a significant difference in the characteristics of the students then the study can proceed. If there is a significant difference then I would like to re-run the study using an additional Spring semester group so all three cohorts will have been Spring semester groups. (I do not expect to have to do this but want to be sure)

b.      Help needed: Will need to have data about student ACT scores and remedial courses needed prior to course enrollment for each group provided by office of institutional research.

c.       Time frame: Make formal request July 23, and allow 2 weeks (finish Aug. 8)


2.       Re-Bloom test questions for data to be used in future analysis paying attention to what was presented in class.  Arrange for colleague to also Bloom the questions independently.

a.       Rationale:  I need to make sure I can delineate the different levels clearly and accurately for valid results. This is worth redoing. Must have independent scoring for acceptance.

b.       Help needed: perhaps Mary Treuting, Rob Wright or another biology scholar will be willing

c.       Time frame:  make requests by July 23, ask to have answer and scoring done by end of August.


3.       Run additional statistical analyses suggested in consultation.

a.       Rationale: digging a little deeper to see what information is there and now making use of the data from the semester where no pre-tests were given

b.      Help needed: statistician

c.       Time frame:  finished by September 21st


4.       Re-evaluate where the project is headed with the new analyses.

a.       Rationale: See where data leads and determine whether additional study is warranted

b.      Help needed:  consultation with critical friend and mentor

c.       Time frame: by end of September


5.       If appropriate, write up abstract for presentation of data at ASM branch meeting in November.

a.       Rationale: duh

b.      Help needed: reading by critical friend

c.       Time frame: by Oct 15th


6.       Write up Materials and Methods for final paper

a.        Rationale: working on finalizing manuscript this will pave the way for a review of figures and data. Will also be needed for presentation if abstract is accepted.

b.      Help needed: Work with statistician on wording of statistical analyses. Critical friend and mentor review

c.       Time frame: By October 31st.


7.       Write up results including all figures.

a.       Rationale: working on finalizing manuscript this will pave the way for a review of figures and data. Will also be needed for presentation if abstract is accepted.

b.      Help needed:  review by critical friend and mentor

c.       Time frame:  Nov. 21st


8.       Frame out the conclusions that can be drawn from the results

a.       Rationale: doing so before working on the intro and discussion assures that I can align the introduction

b.      Help needed: quick run through with mentor that approved results. Perhaps review at same time

c.       Time frame. Complete by end of November


9.       Re-align, flesh out and polish Introduction

a.       Rationale: needs work from original suggestions but since new results have been added, be sure that the background for any assertions is complete and aligned with the results and conclusions

b.      Time Frame Dec. 20th


10.   Discussion/conclusion written by Jan 1st

a.       Friendly review by mentor(s) and critical friend needed when finished.

b.      While at friendly review get cover letter written


11.   Revisions and second look. By end of Feb

Etc. and get sent out  by end of April
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